OSN Professional Tripod Leg Assembly (OS-73-LA)

Best OSN Professional Tripod Leg Assembly (OS-73-LA)

  • All metal construction
  • Spring-loaded three position leg spread stops will allow wide angle leg positions and more flexibility in positioning the tripod on various terrain
  • Lift center column allows for quick height adjustments
  • Maximum Extension: 60.5″
  • Leg Diameter: 22mm Tripod weight: 5.8 lbs Load Capacity: 10 lbs

The OS-73 professional tripod leg assembly is an excellent choice for both the enthusiast and advanced photographer, and has exceptional value for the cost. This tripod has a wide picture taking height range. With a maximum height of 60.5″, this heavy-duty tripod can get you to the shooting height needed, while in the full low angle leg spread, you can capture pictures at a minimum height of 20?. This model has three section tubular aluminum legs with metal quick lever leg locks for quick and easy leg positioning. Simply unlock the leg lever, extend the leg to the desired position, relock the leg lever, and begin taking pictures. The manual lift center column makes those final tripod height adjustments smooth and easy. Unlock the center column lock knob and simply lift the center column to the desired height. Also, each leg has independent, three position leg angles, including standard, semi-low and low angle positions. This feature will allow for more flexibility and stability when using the tripod on various and uneven terrains. The low angle position is ideal for ground level macro photography. If you?re looking for a workhorse, this tripod fits the bill. NOTE: LEG ASSEMBLY ONLY, TRIPOD HEAD NOT INCLUDED

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OSN Professional Tripod Leg Assembly (OS-73-LA)