Enzymatic Therapy Pearls Yeast Balancing Probiotics Caps, 30 ct

Probiotic Pearls Women’s (Formerly Pearls YB) by Enzymatic Therapy Inc. 30 Capsule Probiotic Pearls Women’s (Formerly Pearls YB) 30 Capsule Why use probiotics for yeast-balance Because yeast thrives in the intestines. Fast food stress and exposure to toxins plus overly acidic pH levels can leave you vulnerable to yeast. Maintaining an optimal yeast balance with the right probiotics can help you stay much more comfortable. Why use Probiotic Pearls Women’s It provides triple-strength protection for your ultimate comfort. Probiotic Pearls Women’s contains three types of Lactobacillus – to create an intestinal environment that supports healthy yeast balance. That means comfort for you as Probiotic Pearls Women’s supports vaginal and digestive health. Suggested Use As a dietary supplement may be taken with or without food. Do not chew or crush. If taking prescription drugs consult a healthcare professional prior to use – Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Supplement Facts Serv
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